Easy Riders Atv Ipsarion Safari 2021

For 2021 we scheduled a path better for everyone to enjoy Ipsarion in Thassos with an Atv.If you really want to enjoy your vacation or you like mother nature come and follow the Easy Riders Atv Ipsarion Safari 2021 !

We can take you on an unforgettable tour where we will reveal the inner hidden beauty of the emerald island of Thassos. We depart from Potos passing through the village of Limenaria and continue off road towards the village Maries. On our arrival we will stop to enjoy the beauty of Maries Lake. We will then follow the path for the highest peak of the island Ipsarion (1206m) whereby we will have the chance to see the whole island and its 100km perimeter, the island of Samothraki, Kavala and sometimes the island of Lemnos is visible!

On the southwest you can also see Mt.Athos and you will also be able to spot the mainland and the delta of Nestos river. We will then continue our tour following the path for Castro, a traditional stone village, considered the oldest village on Thassos with its 600 years history. Then we will visit the Church of St.Athanasios (built in 1804) and the chapel of Prophet Elias where we will see the bone crypt of the village. In Castro we will have lunch, in a small traditional taverna(included in the price).

Our next stop is to see the waterfalls of St. Apostolous surrounded by evergreen pine trees. Leaving the waterfalls we will head for Theologos where we will pass through the village and marvel the beauty of this traditional village. In Theologos we will stop to see the breathtaking waterfalls Kafalogourna. Ending our tour you will realize why Thassos is called the Diamond of the North.